Stretch Mark Prevention Body Scrub Cream Le Superattive - 250 ml -

Stretch Mark Prevention Body Scrub Cream Le Superattive - 250 ml


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The Scrub Cream cleanses, smoothens, refines your skin, leaving it soft and toned: impeccable! The very fine almond shell granules contained in the very gentle low-foam cleansing system remove all of the impurities, dead cells, micro obstacles that stop skin respiration, from its surface, thereby promoting its natural renewal. Highly functional active extracts ensure softness, hydration and tone (Kigelia africana and green Tea).

How to Use

For extraordinarily smooth skin, apply this Scrub Cream 1 or 2 times a week to dry skin (for intense action) or wet skin (for gentle action) and massage with gentle, circular movements. Remove every trace of the product, rinsing well.


Dry Extracts of Kigelia africana, green Tea and Echinacea, surface-activated Olive Oil, Amino Acids of Wheat, Micro-granules from Almond shell

This is the treatment that makes the most of Kigelia africana. In its native land of Senegal, extract of this plant is, in fact, used by the Lebous women of Cape Verde as an ointment to massage onto the chests of young women and stimulate breast growth. Also in our case, the goal is to achieve a beautiful and noticeable bust, and the best way to achieve this is to take care of the skin tissues surrounding the area, as they are actually the natural support for the bust. A task which is carried out effectively by this fine ingredient, which prevents skin from sagging and unsightly stretch-marks from forming prematurely, and also preserves tone and compact texture, it ensures an intense effect on the skin of your bust area, providing nourishment, moisturisation, elasticity and most of all....firmness!

How to Use

to achieve elasticity and a renewed, toned and nourished appearance, we recommend applying this firming cream on a regular basis, in cycles of several weeks of daily application. The massage is an essential part of the treatment. To help assimilate the active ingredients, begin with a light movement at the base of your breast, and then gradually move up to the tip of your chin.


Dry extract of Kigelia africana, Dry extract of Green Tea, Dry Extract of Echinacea, Dry extract of Ginseng, Unsaponifiables of Olive Oil, Dry Extract of Butcher’s broom.