Passion Fruit Soap 100g -

Passion Fruit Soap 100g


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Very often, cleansing with soap on a daily basis leaves skin dry and dehydrated... With this soap bar, containing the fine qualities of excellent plant-derived ingredients, your skin can forget about this risk! In fact, Extracts of the Flowers and Fruits of Passion Flower provide a beneficial softening and refreshing action, while the precious Oil obtained from Passion Flower seeds nourishes and moisturises skin deeply, leaving it luminous and soft like silk. And perfumed with the marvellous scent of a summer in bloom!

How to Use

This soap bar will create a soft lather between your wet hands, releasing its enchanting perfume everywhere.


Extract of Passiflora incarnata flowers, Extract of Passiflora edulis fruit, Passiflora edulis seed Oil, Hydrolysed Sweet Almond Protein.