Passion Fruit Bathfoam 250ml -

Passion Fruit Bathfoam 250ml


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The encounter with water through bathing or showering can now turn into a highly restorative and refreshing moment, even for the most sensitive, rash-prone skin: the secret of such enjoyable safety is found in the formula of this Shower gel, which uses the virtues of the proteins extracted from Wheat and Sweet Almond, to perform a very gentle cleansing action, leaving a fine, protective film on your skin to defend it against dryness and dehydration. Ingredients that work like a select team with extracts of the Flowers and Fruits of Passion Flower, contained here to develop an antioxidant and elasticising effect. At the end of your relaxing daily cleansing routine, your skin will be soft, appealing to the touch and imbued with the subtle green, fruity aroma of the Passion Fruit.

How to Use

With one or two spoonfuls of product in your bathwater or on a sponge, you can create a gentle and pleasantly scented foam.


Extract of Passiflora incarnata flowers, Extract of Passiflora edulis fruit, Surface-activated Amino Acids of Wheat, Hydrolysed Sweet Almond Protein.