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Liquorice Bleaching Cream


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Thanks to its innovative formula, this Lightening Cream with Liquorice effectively fights the production of melanin (which causes skin darkening) and reduces dark spots on the skin. In fact, it contains a derivative of vitamin C which, when used consistently, ensures gradual and long-lasting lightening action on spots caused by sunlight, old scars and acne. It restores your skin's natural light tone and beauty.

How to Use

Apply the Lightening Cream evenly to face, neck, hands, arms, etc. This product, so effective against dark spots on the skin, is also an excellent day cream and an ideal base for make-up. And an essential night-time lightning treatment. Thanks to its effective ingredients, this Cream has shielding properties to defend skin from the sun’s rays and therefore prevent dark spots.


Ascorbic acid derivative, Wheat Germ Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Gamma Oryzanol, Dry extract of Liquorice, Distilled Helichrysum Water