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Lemon and Cucumber Face Cream


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This Lemon and Cucumber Cream is an emulsion developed for oily and blemished skin, which combines the effectiveness of a normalising treatment with the advantages of a highly appealing cosmetic. In fact, thanks to its concealing effect, any skin imperfections caused by blackheads and comedons are visibly reduced, while gradually fighting their formation through the astringent action of extracts of Lemon and Cucumber and Distilled Rosemary Water. With this formulation, rich in plant substances associated with Vitamin E, oily skin will enjoy a new-found equilibrium and even texture.

How to Use

Apply small amounts of Lemon and Cucumber Cream to your face every day, with a gentle massage. This recipe does not leave any oily traces and is assimilated very easily. Plus, thanks to its light concealing effect, your complexion will appear even and compact, and any blemishes and imperfections caused by comedons and black heads will be much less evident. To achieve a greater concealing effect on critical points, apply a small amount of cream without completely rubbing it in.


Extract of Lemon, Extract of Cucumber, Complex of sulphurated Amino Acids, Vitamin E acetate, Distilled Rosemary Water.