Iris Perfumed Fragrance For Sticks 125ml -

Iris Perfumed Fragrance For Sticks 125ml


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To bring the fresh and powdery scent of Iris in your home

The heavenly chypre scent of the Iris now also offers your home environment the poetry of a splendid, highly perfumed spring. Diffused in the peace and quiet of the rooms of your home or in the dynamic atmosphere of your workplace, there is no more welcoming perfumed idea than this. Simply place the rattan sticks in the alcohol solution: through evaporation from the glass jar - which is ready to become a simply elegant ornament - the fragrance spreads everywhere, re-awakening the joy of living, surrounded by the sensual notes of the Iris flower.

How to Use

To spread the Iris fragrance everywhere through simple and natural evaporation, you will need to immerse the rattan sticks in the alcohol solution contained in the glass jar, which has been designed to blend in with the style of any room.


Danger: easily flammable liquid and vapours. It causes severe eye irritation. Keep away from sources of heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open fire or other sources of ignition. No smoking. Keep out of the reach of children. Dispose of the products/container in accordance with local regulations. Contains: Geranyl Acetate, Cis-p-menthan-7-ol, Piperonale. May cause an allergic reaction when in contact with the skin.


floral, powdery