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Ortensia (hydrangea) Soap 100g


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How many times a day do we wash using this cleansing product? Precisely because we use soap often, it is a good idea to choose one with a formula that is also respectful of sensitive skin. Like the Ortensia soap bar, which captures the virtues of Rice Germ and Camelina Oils, offering skin tissues its special nourishing, emollient and replenishing action. It also contains Hydrolysed Rice Protein, which protects and moisturises, and the precious antioxidant content provided by Extract of Hydrangea root. Another good reason to choose this formula over others is its absolute femininity and the grace of its perfumed note.

How to Use

Use wet hands to work up a lather with the soap bar. It will work up a sweetly perfumed foam in just a few minutes.


Extract of Hydrangea root, Rice Germ Oil, Camelina Oil, Hydrolysed Rice protein.