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Ortensia (Hydrangea) Body Cream 200 ml


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The Hydrangea flower is an authentic masterpiece of Nature. These plants thrive and stand out in any garden, proudly showing off their lush leaves and especially their magnificent round inflorescences composed of small soft petals. An aristocratic and graceful stance, interpreted perfectly by the balanced, harmonious fragrance of Hydrangea that covers your skin when this enticing Cream is applied with a pleasant massage. The showy flowering of Hydrangeas is also long-lasting, as once they have been duly watered, they retain moisture for a long time: just as it offers your skin tissues long-lasting hydration, thanks to the excellent natural ingredients of this highly effective formulation. Protected by the antioxidant extract of Hydrangea Root, they also receive the nourishing, emollient and elasticising qualities of Sunflower Oil, Rice Bran and Germ Oil and Camelina Butter. The inclusion of the Unsaponifiable Fraction of Olive Oil and Vitamin E obtained from Soybean also helps highly sensitive skin avoid unsightly sagging and distress, maintaining its velvety softness, similar to the smoothness of a delicate Hydrangea petal.

How to Use

At the start of your day, or in the evening after a replenishing bath or shower break, apply this product over your entire body using gentle and broad strokes: the Cream will absorb quickly, without leaving any oily trace.


Hydrangea Root Extract, Sunflower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Rice Germ Oil, Camelina Oil, Camelina Butter, Unsaponifiable fraction of Olive Oil, Vitamin E from Soybean.