Frescaessenza Shower Gel 250ml -

Frescaessenza Shower Gel 250ml


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A delicate and invigorating harmonious blend, a gentle yet vivacious sensation of well-being, the appeal of a fragrance that lights up your senses and makes the chords of your soul vibrate: this is the sensation that washes over you when you immerse yourself in the soft foam of Frescaessenza. The extracts of Lemon leaves and twigs and Lime leaves offer a toning and refreshing action, while the extracts of Larch and Mimosa tenuiflora bark help your skin stay supple. On top of all of this, lastly, there is hydrolyzed Quinoa protein, which envelops your skin with a fine, protective layer, ensuring the perfect level of moisturization.


Extracts of Lemon leaves and twigs, Lime leaves, Larch and Mimosa tenuiflora bark, hydrolysed Quinoa protein.