Blown Away Blush -
Blown Away Blush -

Blown Away Blush


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📌A cheek color that gives you a sense of depth and transparency created by layering two colors and textures.

📌Layered cream and powder to make your facial expression look three-dimensional without technique.

📌A cream blush that sticks tightly to the skin to create a complexion.

📌The powder that is layered like a veil gives a nuanced transparency and luster!

📌Adhesion and finish that can be achieved with two textures. By layering powder on top of the cream, the lasting effect is enhanced and adding depth to the finish.

🔥 Highly Colored Cream Blush 🔥


📌Smooth, highly colored and highly adherent cheeks that can be spread and adhered with your fingers。

📌A complexion that overflows from the inside of the cheeks!


🔥 Powder Cheek That Develops Soft Color 🔥

📌Cheek that adds transparency and luster with an airy touch.

📌For a natural finish while creating nuances ❗ ❗



〈About color, texture and finish〉

🌸Spring's favorite item! The best balance of different colors and textures, gloss and color development!

🌸The fluffy, transparent and innocent atmosphere is very cute!

🌸When you put the cream on your skin, it blend well wit your skin, and the pores will not be noticeable and your skin will look beautiful!

🌸When powder is layered, it looks like soft and foggy skin after SOLP, and pores do not bother you!

🌸The powder is moist and fits well on the skin, so it can be used as a highlight.

🌸The color lasted well when layered, and it was hard to remove even in the mask!

🌸It is exquisite that the powder is moderately grayish.

I really liked the fact that the color was balanced and the depth was created by layering it with cream.

🌸It's fun because the finish of using single color and using two colors is completely different.

🌸Even if it was a color that you wouldn't normally choose, it was overwhelmingly cute when you put it on, and excited me.

🌸The cheeks are easy to dry and the cheeks are stiff and easy to see, but it is moist without feeling dry all day long!

🌸Small and thin size makes it easy to carry around!


🔥 Containing Highly Blendable Bouncing Powder 🔥

🌸The blush contains Bouncing Powder; lightweight elastic powder that melds into skin. With a high degree of adhesion, it does not easily collapse, and the finish does not make you feel pores or unevenness.

🔥 Containing Seven Kinds of Botanical Oils and Fats 🔥

🌸Tea seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, beeswax