Balancing Cleansing Oil Gel (Lunar) 100g -
Balancing Cleansing Oil Gel (Lunar) 100g -
Balancing Cleansing Oil Gel (Lunar) 100g -

Balancing Cleansing Oil Gel 100g


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Made with 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients Certified COSMOS Organic

3 Synergy effect of Oil, Clay & Scrub, bring smooth, transparent & healthy skin.

When the time cleansing starts, THREE's holistic world begins to spread over your face.

Balm, cream puff-like texture, melts smoothly over your face and removes makeup, sebum, clogged pores, roughness, and even dullness.

Cleansing Oil Gel with clay & scrub can purify without damaging the skin.

Organic Triple Formula, which can keep essential skin balance of moisture, oil & NMF (Natural Moisture Factor).

By maintaining skin homeostasis, you can avoid chronic rough & dry skin.

First step for healthy beautiful skin with luster & moisture.

  • Botanical Oils:
    • Jojoba oil, Olive Oil, Tea seed oil, Shea oil - Balm that firmly floats oily stains
  • Clay:
    • White kaolinite - Tangles dirt and removes dullness and roughness
  • Extract:
    • Argania spinosa shell - Natural scrubbing agent that soothes unevenness
  1. Take a size of a cherry onto your dry hand.
    • The amount is used as a guide. Please use an appropriate amount according to your skin condition.
  2. Apply to 5 points: nose, forehead, chin and both cheeks.
  3. Spread the cleansing oil gel on both hands of your fingertips, and following the order of the gel put onto your face.
    • Apply the oil gel in a small circling motion, starting from the center of the area and then towards the outside of the area.
    • After the makeup and the oil gel have emulsified, rinse until there is no scrub residue.
    • Start with cleansing along the midline of the face, then cleanse the lower half, and then the upper half of the face.
  4. Finally, rinse well with water or lukewarm water.

It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week, however, it is also fine to use it every day.

After cleansing, please use a face wash.

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