Ambraliquida Body Oil 125ml -

Ambraliquida Body Oil 125ml


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The Ambraliquida perfume combines its vibrant aura perfectly with the warm consistency of this oil. Every time you apply it, this formula provides your skin with a significant amount of elements, all of which prove to be essential in fighting the onset of sagging and premature ageing of the skin. Rich gifts from the land of Turkey offer these benefits: Pistachio oil and Sesame oil provide all their nourishing, compacting and elasticising energy, for skin that feels like silk. Extract of Liquidambar orientalis and Vitamin E, beauty's ally, come into play so that your skin is never left without the essential shield of antioxidant and protective elements. Lastly, the combined action of the oils of Sunflower and Rice bran boost the tone and compact texture of skin tissues.

How to Use

At the end of your bath or shower, use this amber-coloured oil and treat yourself to a fragrant massage. A few drops of this product in the palm of your hand and then spread over your whole body will be enough to tone and nourish your skin and release the perfumed accord of Ambraliquida.


Liposoluble Extract of Liquidambar orientalis, Pistachio Oil, Sesame Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Unsaponifiable Fraction of Olive Oil, Vitamin E from Soybean.