Sustainable ingredients, ethically sourced

We craft our products with love, selecting the finest herbs, botanicals and essentials oils, then maximising their therapeutic benefits at our eco factory in Dorset, England. Discover the incredible stories behind some of our ethically and sustainable ingredients and find out how they support communities all over the world.

Organic palmarosa ORIGIN: UGANDA 

Ethically sourced, organic palmarosa from Uganda

We source our organic palmarosa essential oil from a small distillery near Tororo, in eastern Uganda, where this lush grass grows wild.

Helping communities

We’ve worked with a young farmer called Joel to set up a distillery, where he makes organic palmarosa essential oil with crops from local farms, creating valuable employment. We also buy our cleansing organic lemongrass and refreshing organic citronella oil from Joel. The oils are distilled in a plant designed to minimise environmental impact. The dry grass remnants from the distillation process are pressed into briquettes to fuel the boiler, while solar panels provide electricity. By contributing to the cost of organic certification as well as funding a water well, we are actively promoting sustainable practices and supporting local communities.

“Getting a fair and reliable price for our lemongrass essential oil has provided a much needed cash income for many families in our community.”

Joel, Distillation owner