Assenzio - Absinthium, Seductive fumes of the Green Fairy

L'erbolario Assenzio - Absinthium 

Three Artemisia species for a special line.

Artemisia absinthium or Wormwood is a spontaneous herbaceous plant, as spontaneous as its ability to protect our natural well-being and that of our skin. Artemisia’s fascinating name is inspired by Artemis, goddess of fertility, and evokes the emmenagogic properties of this aromatic perennial.

The fame of its great therapeutic virtues in fact comes from far away: they are mentioned as early as 1600 b.C. in an ancient Egyptian papyrus, and widely applied in the following centuries by the Romans, Celts, Arabs and later by Medieval doctors as well. Its beneficial activities turned out to be providential indeed for the French troops that set off to conquer the Algerian territories: in 1830 they came back twice, triumphantly victorious, having been able to prevent and treat a number of diseases, such as deadly typhus and cholera, by using a Wormwood infusion.

Artemisia has been appreciated and used as a folk remedy since time immemorial for its flavouring, digestive and appetite stimulant properties. Today, L’Erbolario has chosen to create a line of fine body care products focusing on those virtues that make Wormwood extract an ideal ally to hydrate the skin, protecting it from oxidation and preventing early ageing. But in order to provide effectiveness that is three times more complete, the innovative Assenzio line includes two more types of Artemisia and their extraordinary active ingredients. Three Artemisias to increase three-fold the pleasure of great, natural well-being.

Assenzio Fluid Body Cream 200ml

Dedicated to achieving beautiful skin on the whole body, this light, non-greasy treatment concentrates a complex of highly effective active ingredients in its formula. First of all, the triple moisturising, anti-oxidant and astringent action of the extracts of three Artemisia species helps protect the skin against premature ageing and shrinking of collagen fibres (“felting”). This preventive action is enhanced by the Vitamin E of Safflower Oil, the firming properties of Shea Butter and the nourishing action of Sunflower Oil. The result? Lightly rub on this cream and the skin is immediately revitalised by a very pleasant nourishing and moisturising effect, and soothed by a sense of softness, elasticity, comfort

Assenzio Bath Gel

Assenzio Deodorant Cream 50ml

This recipe is formulated to fight and eliminate the undesirable effects of sweat and prevent unpleasant odours from developing, keeping your natural freshness under long-lasting control. The astringent, moisturising and anti-free radical properties of the extracts from three Artemisia species complement and enhance the activity of Vitamin E – an extraordinary antioxidant, able to prevent degradation of the fatty acids from perspiration – as well as Aluminium Salts, with a valuable absorbing action. Applied after accurately washing, this creamy deodorant assures a very pleasant sense of long-lasting freshness.

Assenzio Bath Gel 200ml

More tonicity and well-being with a bath that is assured to be three times as relaxing and highly effective thanks to the moisturising, astringent and antioxidant properties of the extracts of the three Artemisia species. It features the advanced, unique technology of innovative micro-spheres that contain precious Vitamins A and E, releasing them into the creamy lather that this wonderful gel is able to create.

A treatment to be used as liberally and often as possible, to help the skin, day after day, preserve its natural freshness and compactness. While the slightly aromatic aroma of Absinthe leaves on the skin the traces of such a beneficial bath.


Our commitment

With phytocosmetics from L’Erbolario, you support people, animals and the environment, by promoting sustainable development. In fact, at L’Erbolario we:

  • Develop and produce our phytocosmetics at our production site in Lodi, immersed in the greenery of the Adda Sud natural park, in accordance with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices GMP (UNI EN ISO 22716), without discrimination or exploitation of labour, in excellent health and safety conditions.
  • We do not outsource any production phases to third countries, and certainly not to any countries where the human and fundamental rights of workers are violated.
  • We adhere to the “International Ban on Animal Testing Standard”; all of our products are guaranteed by the LAV (Anti Vivisection League).
  • Since 2002, we have chosen to implement an Environmental Management System (certification UNI EN ISO 14O01)
  • We certify the safety and efficiency of all cosmetic proposals with clinical tests supervised by the University of Pavia;
  • For our production activities we use self-produced energy from our 200 Kwp photovoltaic array, integrated with energy from renewable sources. Thanks to this noble choice, every year we save 94 tonnes of CO2 , the equivalent of 626 trees
  • Ever-involved in the development of eco-sustainable packaging, we prefer recycled materials which can be recycled in turn, and we select plastic materials - such as Green PE and Green PET, for example - obtained from renewable sources, such as sugar cane;
  • For all paper and paperboard items, we only use FSC certified paper®, according to the strict environmental and social standards of the Forest Stewardship Council®, supporting the correct and responsible management of forest resources
  • As an honorary member, we support TRSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oli), an international organisation that was founded with the ambitious and significant objective of promoting sustainable farming and use of palm oil and its derivatives;
  • Since 2005 we have been certifying all of our farming activities with IGEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica Ambientale - Institute for Ethical Environmental Certification);
  • As a Corporate Golden Donor, we contribute to funding the activities of FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente italiano - Italian Fund for the Environment); •we support the project “10,000 Food Gardens in Africa” of the non-profit organisation Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity;
  • We have created and support, together with Green Cross Italy, the Ibisco, un fiore per l’Africa project (Hibiscus, a flower for Africa).