Refreshing. Obsessed. Addicted

Refreshing. Obsessed. Addicted

Among the many Eastern legends related to Oolong Tea, one in particular attempts to explain the origin of the name Oolong, which means “dark dragon” or “black dragon”. One day, while collecting tea leaves, farmer Wu Liang came across a huge black dragon (or more simply a deer or a snake, which certainly sounds less poetic, but more realistic). He ran for his life and dropped the leaves he had collected. The next day, when he went back, he noticed that the tea leaves he had left behind had partially oxidized, acquiring an unusual and fascinating colour: a bluish green, with golden tips. So he decided to make tea with it and was so impressed by its flavour that he called it “black dragon”, in honour of this discovery.


A Scent so Beautiful

Picture yourself in a Zen Bathroom, showering with a refreshing floral – citrusy shower gel. The scent lingers around the bathroom smelling so refreshing that you don’t want to leave the area; while it seeps through the gaps between the doors, the scent starts to fade.


Enhance Your Beauty with L’erbolario Tea Leaves Range

  • Oolong Tea

          Rich in antioxidants and plenty of minerals. Contains polyphenols to help fight free radicals, keeping the skin looking youthful.

  • Coconut Butter

           Helps treats rough skin

  • Cocoa Butter

           Nourishes, smoothes and tones skin

  • Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

           Nourishes and prevents skin dehydration. Perfect for sensitive and reddened skins.

  • Vitamin E from Soybean 

           Improves skin elasticity and prevents aging skin

  • Surface-Activated Amino Acids

           Builds a thin layer of protective film, protecting the skin against damage from environmental stressors, UV rays and even

           prevent dryness from frequent washing.


What’s In the Tea Leaves Collection?


1. Tea Leaves Shower Gel 250ml


A bath refreshes the body, tea refreshes the mind’ goes an old Japanese saying. These two wellness experience can be easily combined with the Tea Leaves Shower Gel, with the infusion and extract of Oolong Tea, rich in polyphenols with toning, energizing, anti-radical and protective properties. Rediscover the harmony with yourself and the world, as if you were immersed… in a cup of tea. 


Made with 97% Naturally Derived Ingredients

Price: RM 120



2. Tea Leaves Body & Hand Cream 250ml


A handy 2 in 1 body and hand cream. Thanks to its selected active ingredients, it deeply moisturize the skin, providing it with all its antioxidants and firming properties while enveloping a delicate and fresh natural fragrances.


Made with 97% Naturally Derived Ingredients

Price: RM 199



3. Tea Leaves Perfume 50ml


Warms your heart and refreshes your soul, just like a tasty cup of tea.

Scent: Citrus – Floral (unisex)

Top Notes: Citrus

Middle Notes Floral - Aromatic

Base Notes: Green- musky

Price: RM 241



4. Tea Leaves Beauty Box


The duo: Tea Leaves Shower Gel 75ml & Body & Hand Cream 75ml;

Two is better than one… rite? This beauty box comes with a beautiful blue metal box. The perfect gift for your friends and family.

Made with 97% Naturally Derived Ingredients

Price: RM 149



What are you waiting for? Get your fingers clicking to get your own Tea Leaves beauty products now! 


Formulated without parabens, silicones, petroleum, sulphates. We went an extra mile to test for the 7 heavy metals including lead and mercury.

Not only that! We care for our animals and environment; we are certified cruelty free and our bottles are made with plant-based PE from sugar cane, which is 100% recyclable!