Five things to know about scrubs

When mentioning scrubs, the reference to "before and after" is immediate. It really is a sort of beauty watershed between what the skin was before this treatment and the result after applying it. Easy, effective and fast, the scrub allows the skin to shine again in just a few minutes. Specifically, experts recommend it once a week if you have delicate skin, even up to twice in the case of normal or oily skin.

On how to use it, however, simply rely on its meaning: the term scrub comes from the English verb to scrub, which means to rub. This word refers, in fact, to the "rubbing" action that occurs when a product of this type is applied: thanks to granules or special particles, the superficial layer of the skin is exfoliated.

But what are the moments when this ritual is at its best? And then, are there different scrubs for face and body? Our advice.

1. A very important step. The scrub promotes oxygenation and cell renewal and therefore allows the skin to be silkier, smoother, brighter and free from impurities.

2. Increases the effectiveness of the following cosmetic. Carrying out a scrub before a targeted treatment, such as a mask, or simply before applying face cream, allows the chosen cosmetic to go deeper and therefore be more effective.

3. Revive your tan. Although we often think the opposite, exfoliating dead cells is ideal when returning from holidays to maintain your tan.

4. A selfie face. The facial scrub has a more delicate formula and applying it is very simple: distribute the product on the damp face and massage with small circular movements, then rinse with water or with a damp cotton ball, carefully avoiding the area around the eyes.

5. Bye bye dull skin. Use a body scrub in the shower on wet skin or, for a more decisive action, on dry skin, focusing on particular areas, such as elbows and heels. Also in this case, massage with circular movements and then rinse.

Our scrubs

We have never used microplastics in our exfoliating cosmetics, always preferring plant materials such as finely chopped seeds and stones or Jojoba wax microspheres. In November 2017 we were also among the first enthusiastic signatories of the petition by Legambiente and Marevivo, thanks to which the Italian law banning microplastics in rinse-off cosmetics from 2020 was approved. Read our commitments to the environment here >.

Are you looking for a scrub to include in your weekly beauty routine? Try Scrub MagicAzione Tra i Ciliegi with cherry seed oil and cherry stone microgranules. An Oliogel which, upon contact with water, changes from a scrub to a milky emulsion, leaving the skin soft and velvety. Or, try our Marsh Mallow Scrub Cream Silky Skin which makes the skin smooth and soft thanks to its exfoliating action.

Do you want to know all our scrubs? Discover them here!