The women of the Samburu tribe, Kenya

We’ve been working alongside the women of the Samburu tribe for over ten years, and pay them a premium to gather the precious frankincense that grows wild in Northern Kenya. This was the first FairWild® certified frankincense to be used in cosmetics.

The premium we pay has gone towards their children’s educations, paying for goats for pastoralist women (who are normally not permitted to own livestock) and several other projects that support the Samburu community. In addition, we installed a solar-powered fresh water well in the frankincense collection zone, meaning the tribeswomen do not need to carry drinking water with them on their harvesting trips.

The star of our clinically proven Frankincense Intense™ range, we make no secret of our love for frankincense. This ancient ingredient has proven smoothing, calming, and protective properties, and can help support skin by relieving stress.