Scalp & Hair Orderange Conditioner R 165g -

Scalp & Hair Orderange Conditioner R 165g


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94% Naturally Derived (Non-Silicone)


A balance care <order range> series that leads to beautiful hair with supple strength.

"The hair color and gloss are sharpened and beautifully organized without spreading."

The rich emulsion texture gives the scalp moisture, wraps and repairs the hair smoothly, and prepares a beautiful color gloss.
Protects your hair from various damages and keeps your hair shiny, while keeping your hair moist and moisturized.

THREE scalp & hair series aiming at normalizing each homeostasis * in consideration of the environment surrounding modern people. 
* Homeostasis: The power to maintain a healthy state



〈Essential oils〉
Lavender oil, Frankincense oil, Bergamot fruit oil, Rosemary oil

〈Botanical oils and fats〉
Avocado oil, Olive oil, Crambe Abyssinica seed oil, Cranberry seed oil,
Tea seed oil, Prune seed oil, Jojoba oil, Cacao butter

〈Botanical and mineral waters〉
Hot spring water, Maple water, Rosemary water

〈Botanical extracts〉
Sargassum horneri extract, Angelica keiskei extract,
Angelica furcijuga extract


・ Before using the hair, dry it completely.
・ Be careful not to wash away too much to maintain the effect.


1. Apply & massage
<damaged hair>
Apply from the hair tip. Apply plenty of hair to the hair and apply remaining conditioner to entire hair and scalp. 

<Intact hair>
Apply from scalp. Apply plenty of scalp and conditioner left on hands to entire hair and hair tips. 


2. Massage the forehead
Grab the scalp with the belly of your finger and massage toward the top of the head.


3. Massage the occipital region

The entire occipital region is from bottom to top, and the back of the ear is from left to right and inside. Knead firmly as scalp moves. After soaking for 3 to 5 minutes, lightly rinse in about 10 to 20 seconds.