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Premium Mask Set


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Purifying Clay Mask 120g

92% Naturally Derived Ingredients

This thick clay mask comes in a paste form and purifies the skin for a smoother texture. The mineral-rich clay and the calcified coral powder removes the causes of skin roughness, drawing out impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells from deep inside the pores. Throughout the treatment, the skin is replenished with good-quality moisture rich in amino acids. The mask leaves the skin supple and firm due to its purifying and moisturizing effects.


Balancing Spa Sheet Mask 16ml × 6 sheets

Spa-inspired beauty serum sheet mask for replenishing the skin with hydration.

Face-to-face with the mind, body and skin. Unwavering beauty under varying circumstances.

As the circumstances surrounding us are undergoing a major transformation, we find ourselves left with no choice but to make changes to our lifestyles.

These changes have presented to many of us a chance to reevaluate the significance of the healthy balance of our mind, body and skin.

With the concentrated power of Japanese water including hot spring water and botanical water, the COSMOS organic-certified mask uses expertly selected natural materials grown and manufactured sustainably, from the cotton used for the sheets to each of the beauty serum ingredients.


Balancing Lotion R 30ml

Raw material 99% Natural origin ( Certified Organic )

“The optimal balance of moisture that keeps the freshness of plants.”

Softly-fitting lotion with carefully selected botanical water and plant extracts.
It penetrates every corner of the stratum corneum and holds moisture securely.
Fill your dry skin and relieve your breath. It leads to healthy skin full of transparency and firmness.