Men Gentling Shampoo 250ml -

Men Gentling Shampoo 250ml


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🌿 94% Naturally Derived Ingredients 🌿 


⭐️“Washes off stickiness and odor from the hair with whippy foam, leaving a refreshing feel.”
📌A non-silicon shampoo created with consideration for men’s scalp, which is sensitive and prone to skin problems just like their skin.

📌Coats traces of hair styling products stuck to hair and scalp as well as sebum.
Cleanses and conditions the roots of the hair, leading to a healthy scalp environment.


Moisturizing and Emollient ingredients
🌸 Essential oils 🌸
📌Niaouli oil / Orange oil / Lavender oil / Rosemary oil
🌸Botanical oils and fats 🌸
📌Avocado oil / Olive oil / Cacao butter / Tea seed oil / Baobab oil / Jojoba oil / Moringa oil

🌸 Mineral Water 🌸 
📌Thermal spring water
📌Sake lees extract / Tea leaf extract / Long pepper extract


📌Wet your scalp and lather thoroughly while brushing your hair.

📌Amount to use: 1 centimeters in diameter round

Please arrange based on the length of your hair.

🆙 STEP 1️⃣
📌Apply the shampoo from hairline, equally on both sides, towards the back to the head.

🆙 STEP 2️⃣
📌Wash the front. 
📌Wash the scalp and hair roots by moving fingertips in vertical lines from the hairline to the whorl.

🆙 STEP 3️⃣
📌 Wash the back of the head.
📌 Wash, moving from the bottom to the top of the scalp and rub in further, massaging the entire scalp for more than 1 min. Especially the back of ear and nape of the neck, Rinse thoroughly.