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Body Set


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Full Body Wash AC 300ml

🌿 97% Naturally Derived Ingredients 🌿

The finely-textured foam created by this liquid body soap features a refreshing, natural scent with a cooling sensation that rises up around you in abundance.

Based on the idea that body care starts with washing, we sought to create a product with invigorating cleansing power.

Using a towel or sponge made from natural materials to work up a fluffy foam as you wash will leave your skin soft and smooth, even in places where hard, rough deposits tend to accumulate, such as your elbows, knees, and heels.

Massaging from the tips of your toes as you wash will also help to boost circulation throughout your body.

Purifying Intimate Wash 100ml

 🌿99% Natural ingredients 🌿

Take care of the intimate area with the power of plants.
An acescence liquid soap. There are a number of apocrine glands in the intimate area, producing sweat that causes odors. The Intimate Wash cleanses away sweat from the pores, keeps the skin clean and removes the odors with a mild, gentle texture and a refreshing fragrance.


Aiming Cleansing Balm 18g

Balm-typed cleansing oil soft to the point of sensualizing.
The balm, made from exquisite blending of selected oils, butter and wax all derived from plant, will melt on the skin at skin temperature, tenderly massaging the skin and firmly catch your makeup, as well as old keratin and pore clogs to make your skin clear.
It will emulsify quickly with water and bring supple texture and transparency to your skin.