Aiming Soap R -
Aiming Soap R -

Aiming Soap R


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COSMOS Organic Certified Cosmetics

Raw material 100% natural derived ingredients/ Raw material 78% Organic farming


●100% naturally derived <framed soap> made by the cold process method, which has both high detergency and treatment power.

●Soft, fine and high-quality foam gently wraps around, firmly catching waste products from pores, old keratin and dirt that cause dullness and roughness.

For smooth skin with inconspicuous pores!

●A botanical ingredient with a high skin care effect, it cares for adult acne and rough skin, and makes the skin moisturized and transparent.

●A citrus herbal green-like fragrance that gently wraps around your heart




【Essential oils】 

Rose oil/ fennel oil/ geranium oil/  bergamot fruit oil/ lavender oil/ rosemary oil

【Botanical oils and fts】

Pomegranate seed oil/ meadowfoam oil/ olive oil/ coconut oil/ sea buckthorn oil/ tea seed oil/ jojoba oil/ shea butter

[Botanical & Mineral Water】

Damask rose water/ orange fruit water/ apple fruit water/ hot spring water


Damask rose extract/ prunus mume fruit extract/ great willow herb extract/ bilberry extract/ lavender flower extract




Great willow herb extractFireweed Flower / Leaf / Stem Extract

Extract extracted from the perennial fireweed of the Evening Primrose family. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, and gently prepares the skin of adults who are worried about fluctuations.

Bilberry extractBilberry leaf extract

An extract obtained from the leaves of the bilberry, a member of the azalea family.

Rich in polyphenols, it calms volatile skin.

Lavender flower extract

Regulating the moisture balance, it makes your skin smoother and more translucent

Meadowfoam oil

A full-bodied botanical oil with a rich feel. Rich in eicosenoic acid and erucic acid, it promises emollient effects.。



Usage amount :Appropriate amount (face can be wrapped with foam)

Usage period :Morning and evening use Approx. 1.5 months



Take the soap on your wet hands, roll it in the palm of your hand, and add lukewarm water little by little to whisk.


Take a deep breath slowly and take in the scent.


Spread the foam lightly on the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead, and then gently wash from the bottom to the top of the face, from the center to the outside, in a circular motion without rubbing.


Rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.