Aiming Lotion R -

Aiming Lotion R


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COSMOS organic-certified cosmetic

Raw material 99% Naturally derived ingredients


●Lotion for aging skin that fills every corner of the skin with deep moisture and leads to clear skin

●A fresh and rich texture that penetrates deeply and quickly into the horny layer and gently blends into the skin where dryness has begun to stand out.

●Carefully selected plant ingredients that are familiar to the skin and enhance water retention. It softens the skin that has thickened and hardened the horny layer, and keeps the skin plump, bright and clear until the texture.

●A slightly spicy and refreshing floral (rose) -like mellow fragrance that makes you want to take a deep breath.



【Essential oils】

Rose oil/ fennel oil/ geranium oil/ bergamot fruit oil/ rosemary oil

【Botanical & Mineral Water】

Damask rose water/ grape fruit water/ orange fruit water/ hot spring water


Damask rose extract/ prunus mume fruit extract/ peony flower extract/ fennel extract/ tephrosia purpurea seed extract




Peony flower extract (Domestic material)

This ingredient, produced in Japan, developed out of research focusing on the relationship between dry skin and the decline in skin strength in people in the modern era, in which ultraviolet protection is taken for granted.

It supports the skin’s barrier membrane, and is effective for rough skin caused by chronic dryness.

Fennel extract (NEW)

A multifunctional ingredient which supports volatile, troublesome skin. It soaks directly into your skin thanks to its high compatibility, improving moisture retention and translucency and tackling dullness.

Grape fruit water

Rich in trace elements and minerals, it has high biocompatibility, making your skin healthier.




Usage amount :3~4 pumps

Usage period:Morning and evening use Approx. 1-1.5 months



Take an appropriate amount (3-4 pumps) on 2 pieces of cotton and hold it between the little and index fingers of your left and right hands.


Cover your nose with cotton from both hands and take a slow, deep breath to capture the scent.


From the bottom to the top of the face, from the center to the outside, symmetrically from the chin to the left and right, while rolling the cotton, gently press the skin and apply it to the neck.


Wrap the entire face with both hands, breathe slowly and apply well as if pressing the skin.